We perform a wide variety of auto repairs in Sarasota, Florida – where it’s hot and humid once summer rolls around. Keeping your car’s air conditioning operating at peak performance will help make those seasonal summer getaways cool and comfortable.

Signature AC Service features a complete system pressure test to check for any leaks, worn hoses and seals; as well as ensuring that the system is recharged correctly and completely.

According to the wikiHow column, ‘How to Recharge the Air Conditioner in a Car,’ while you can attempt a do-it-yourself AC Recharge, “Be aware that this particular process is usually best left to a professional mechanic.”

A qualified automotive technician will check for any AC system leaks. “If your system has lost sufficient refrigerant to quit working, you have a leak. Small leaks may take months to deplete the refrigerant so that the AC fails to cool, but charging a system with a significant leak is simply a waste of time.”

There are a number of reasons that an automobile’s air conditioning system will experience poor performance including:

  • A Freon leak caused by a failed O-ring, seal, hose or component
  • Vacuum leaks somewhere in the system
  • A clogged expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose
  • Failed compressor or compressor clutch
  • Failed blower motor or blower motor resistor
  • Damaged or failed condenser or evaporator
  • Failed switch, fuse, relay, control module, blend door or solenoid

Correct diagnosis and repair are essential to get, and keep, you and your car cool and comfortable again – and back on the road for your summer adventure…​​

​​As in most industries these days, ongoing innovation is driving change in the automotive marketplace; both in terms of the vehicles themselves, as well as in the way consumers research and purchase their cars, trucks and SUVs. Advances in IT and digital technology are having a ripple effect across the entire industry; evolving everything from the materials used in automotive manufacturing, to the creation of alternative fuels. And consumer expectations continue to rise.

"By 2020, growing digitalization and advancements in technology will have increased the automotive industry investments to $82 billion. The automotive industry has learned quickly that they must meet consumer demands for a digitally enhanced experience when they are researching, purchasing and operating a car. These are the trends currently transforming the automotive industry," says Daniel Newman in 'Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends In The Automotive Industry.'

The past couple of decades have seen a sea change in the automotive repair industry as well. Mechanics have morphed into technicians as the volume of computer technology integrated into the operation of cars has dramatically increased. The introduction of more technology into vehicles has made their maintenance and repair more complex – and service industry tools, knowledge and technique must evolve to keep pace.

National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA) posts in their ‘Know How Blog’ titled ‘MECHANIC OR TECHNICIAN: IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE?’ that opinions vary on the subject…

“For some, the main difference is how mechanics and technicians use their skills, that is, the difference between the mental and the physical — diagnosis and repair. If you tell a mechanic or technician to replace the front brakes, both would be able to do so, but if you ask why the front brakes needed to be changed, it is highly likely that the technician would be able to fully explain why.”

Probably the biggest news to hit the automotive industry in quite a while is the future of autonomous cars. Vehicles that drive themselves aren’t on the immediate horizon, but automakers are grappling with what the future of this transportation model holds. While most agree that the transition from driving to being driven will be gradual; self-driving technology is in the experimental stages around the world.

“What’s here today are a litany of driver-assist technologies that could put you one step closer to a hands-free future. There are sensors that activate when you drive too close to the line or if there’s a car in your blind spot. Adaptive cruise control technology automatically adjusts your speed based on the distance of the car in front of you. Rear-view cameras are joined by side-view and aerial-view cameras," Steven Overly, Washington Post, 'Seven Automotive Trends to Watch in 2017.'

Interestingly though, as the technology in new cars becomes ever-more advanced, the average age of vehicles in the US continues to climb – approaching almost twelve years (according to automotive industry expert IHS Markit). Several factors have attributed to this result including vehicle quality, a drop in new vehicle sales during the recessive years of 2008-2009, and consumers keeping their existing vehicles even after purchasing a new(er) one.

Trends come and trends go. But it seems as though one trend still holds true in America – we love our cars!


Destination Majestic Motors – for Cutting-edge Technology & Old-fashioned Service…

​​There’s a wider selection of used cars and trucks on the market today than in recent memory. A glut of leased cars available has contributed to this situation, as well as the longer life span of cars in general. And if it’s a car you seek rather than a truck or SUV; the higher demand for SUVs has made it a great time to buy a used car. Prior to any purchase however, it’s a good idea to have the vehicle inspected by a trusted mechanic or technician.

“Americans' breakup with sedans is lowering prices for used cars. Although values of crossovers, sport-utility vehicles and pickups are holding ground, dealerships are being flooded with used cars coming off lease, a situation that will grow more extreme over the next couple of years. Used-car prices could decline by 6% in 2017 and by 3% to 5% in 2018, according to LMC Automotive, a marketing data and forecasting firm," from 'Used cars get cheaper as people buy more SUVs' on USAToday.com.

The flooded automobile market has been a boon for used car dealers who benefit from a large supply of high-quality off-lease vehicles becoming available to US car buyers. The volume of late-model pre-owner vehicles means buyers are ‘in the driver’s seat’ in terms of price and selection. By the end of 2019, an estimated 12 million low-mileage vehicles are coming off leases inked during a 2014-2016 spurt in new auto sales, according to estimates by Atlanta-based auto auction firm Manheim and Reuters.

For example, "In 2014, Infiniti leased more than 28,000 Q50 luxury sedans for as little as $329 per month in a growing U.S. market. The leases accounted for more than three-quarters of Q50 sales. Now they're coming back to haunt the automaker.

"For the U.S. auto industry, about 3.5 million vehicles will come off lease this year, after 3 million returned last year, according to Automotive Lease Guide. These are huge numbers when you consider that leasing all but came to a halt during the Great Recession about a decade ago," according to Fox News in 'Off-lease used cars are flooding market, pushing prices down.'

Hiring a qualified automotive technician to thoroughly inspect a prospective car purchase is highly recommended to verify operational consistency, as well as for peace of mind and confidence in the transaction. Happy motoring – see you down the road!

For a Cool Summer with Your Car’s AC – (Re)Charge it!

All to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly – to get You Where You Want to be…

​​Cruising the open road – a rite of passage. For generations of Americans, exploring the landscape in an automobile is a way to express freedom of spirit, clear the mind, and feed the soul. Keeping the dream alive does however, mean ensuring that the car runs smoothly. And the best way to do that is, of course, through regular maintenance handled by professionals.

Over the past few years, automobiles have been enhanced with, and come to rely on, powerful computers integrated into their operation. Therefore, today’s automotive professionals need to combine the skills of mechanics - with the cutting- edge tools and technique required to keep abreast of the latest computing innovations integrated into modern vehicles.

As our economy has become ever-more service-based, car dealerships and independent repair facilities have come to realize that treating customers well must be a hallmark of their businesses. In their efforts to enhance the customer experience; these service centers have added more comfortable waiting areas, pick-up service, and other perks including beverages, snacks and of course WIFI access.

Some larger dealerships that I’ve visited recently have gone so far as installing small movie theaters and full-service cafes in their showrooms - to make their customer-service experience the best it can be. And while small shops such as ours don’t feature quite this level of amenities – we do our best to make our customers comfortable too! (And we feature the same service (or better) as dealerships at much lower rates.)

In a recent article in Popular Mechanics ‘Dealer Vs. Mechanic: Who Should Work on Your Car?,’ writer Ezra Dyer says, “Car owners might not love dealer service departments, but independent mechanics do. Why? Because dealers' stiff rates and by-the-book approach can drive customers straight to a local independent specialist.”

So keep the dream of the open road alive – and you and your car happy by working with an honest, dedicated mechanic – who will help you get where you want to be!

Automotive Trends – Looking Ahead…

Buying a Used Vehicle? Inspect it Right

Take Care of Your Car & It Will Take

Care of You!

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​​All too often in our busy lives, we jump into our car or truck to perform the activities in our day-to-day lives, without thought to regular maintenance for our vehicles. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance adds years to the life of a vehicle, and helps ensure that when your need it – your automobile will be there for you.

As the car authorities at Edmonds write in ‘
Top Five Ways to Make Your Car Run Forever,’ “Though we may set out to keep a car forever, not everyone will have the persistence — and luck — of Irv Gordon, a man who holds the world record for having driven his 1966 Volvo P1800 for nearly 3 million miles. You can, however, greatly extend the life of your vehicle, while simultaneously reducing the possibility of mechanical mishaps. 

Edmonds, as well as Majestic Motors Auto Repair Sarasota, recommends:

  • Following Your Vehicle's Maintenance Schedule - for best performance & to reveal any forthcoming issues
  • Checking Fluids & Tire Pressures Regularly - at least monthly
  • Letting Your Car Warm Up - give a cold engine 30 seconds to lubricate with oil
  • Listening for Unusual Noises - these are precursors to potential trouble down the road
  • Driving 'Calmly' - 'flooring' pedals wastes gasoline and causes unnecessary wear on brakes

“These simple steps can be applied to just about any vehicle, and will help you take a proactive approach to maintaining your vehicle. But don't be discouraged when things start to break down. Parts wear out on every car, even those with excellent reputations for reliability. In almost all cases, it is cheaper to fix your car than to replace it.”

Your vehicle is the second most expensive investment most people will make in their lives – after their homes. So it pays to take good care of it through regular preventative care. Review your owner’s service manual, and follow the manufacturer’s advice. You’ll be glad you did!​